TZipMaster is a non-visual VCL wrapper created by ChrisVleghert and Eric W. Engler for their freeware Zip and Unzip DLLs.

Those DLLs were based on the InfoZip Official Freeware Zip/Unzip source code, but are NOT equivalent to InfoZip's DLLs.
The InfoZip source code has been modified to enhance their ease-of-use, power, and flexibility for use with Delphi and C++ Builder.

Please do NOT contact InfoZip for issues regarding this port.

Due to my impending death from cancer this site will be closing very soon!

Other DelphiZip Sites

Roger Aelbrecht - TZipBuilder (CBuilder C++ version)

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Contact me at problems [AT] delphizip [DOT] org
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24 December 2018 DX Rio
8 April 2017 DX Tokyo
24 April 2016 DX Berlin
30 March 2016 dll bug fix dll bug fix
17 February 2016 dll Zip bug fix dll bug fix
22 November 2015 dll Zip bug fix Zip bug fix
26 September 2015 dll recurse bug fix Zip bug fix
4 September 2015 DX 10 Seattle Zip bug fix
8 August 2015 Unzip bug fix
24 July 2015 XE8 update
9 Nov 2014 Constructor and dll fixes
14 July 2014 Extract bug fix
20 April 2014 XE6
2 April 2014 update
27 March 2014
1.9.2 release
18 October 2013
XE5 update, bug fix
7 June 2013
XE4 update
30 March 2013
DLL Bug fix
Component Bug fix
23 March 2013
DLL Bug fix
07 March 2013
Combined x32 +x64
04 January 2013
Reactivated due to hacking of the Wordpress site

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